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Discover the NomaSense Oxymeter:

Our new dissolved oxygen analyzer

The Wine Quality Solutions range of portable analyzers now includes a connected device: the NomaSense Oxymeter. This device, very easy to use and affordable for all sizes of production units, facilitates the real-time control of dissolved oxygen in wines while maintaining the same level of precision and reliability as the well-recognized NomaSense O2 P300.

Discover the 5 reasons that make NomaSense Oxymeter the best solution for controlling dissolved oxygen in your wines.

1. Easy control from your smartphone

The analyzer is connected via Bluetooth to an intuitive mobile application (both available for iOS and Android smartphones) from which the user controls the measurements and manages data. Several NomaSense Oxymeter devices can be connected to this smartphone application, allowing to centralize all data from the same phone.

2. Very accurate and reliable measurements

Based on luminescence technology, the probe has built-in barometer and temperature probes that ensure high accuracy of analysis. A PSt3 oxygen sensor is integrated in a cap screwed to the probe offering a measuring range of 0 to 22 mg/L with an accuracy of ± 0.04 mg/L and a detection limit of 15 μg/L.

3. Flexible and versatile use

With a 12 mm diameter, and a 5-meter-long cord, the weighted probe can be immersed in any type of container, including wine bottles. Portable and lightweight, the analyzer is suitable for field use, in any type of production unit, as well as for laboratory use. Measurements can be made both in the liquid phase (in wine) and in the gaseous phase (tank headspace, inerting).

4. Fast and optimized decision-making

Controlling dissolved oxygen before/after each process allows to better monitor all the delicate cellar operations, such as wine transfers, cold stabilization or bottling. Obtaining real-time results in a precise and fast way allows optimizing the decisions to be made during the winemaking process. Based on dissolved oxygen pick-up measured, the best practices can be put in place and quality of the production improved.

5. Affordable cost and maintenance

The affordable cost of the NomaSense Oxymeter makes it suitable for all sizes of wine production units. Once in hand, the analyzer can be used for a whole year without any restricted number of measurements. All you need is a yearly maintenance that includes the check of the probe and the replacement of the oxygen sensor.
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