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How to assess wine sensitivity to oxidation

Polyphenols are a major factor in oxidation mechanisms and play a crucial role in wine quality, impacting many aspects of the wine profile such as color and structure. Analyzing polyphenols throughout the winemaking process can help build a better wine profile, as well as the wine’s resistance to oxidation.

The Vinventions’ Wine Quality Solutions team invites you to join their next webinar dedicated to polyphenol analysis on May 19th, at 9 am PT. We will cover the following:
  • What is behind the concept of sensitivity to oxidation?
  • What is our new test to evaluate whether a wine is more or less sensitive to oxidation?
  • How can this polyphenol analysis help better build a wine profile?
Vinventions, the second largest producer of closure solutions in the wine industry worldwide, is a leader in the oxygen management through closures. More than 12 years of enological research have enabled Vinventions and its brands Nomacorc and Wine Quality Solutions to acquire unique expertise on the impact a closure can have on the evolution of bottled wine, and more generally on oxygen management before, during and after bottling.

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The Vinventions team looks forward to seeing you—we hope you can join us!
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