WQS Webinar Series

How to lower sulfites in white and rosé wines while preserving their shelf-life

Preserving the wine aromas, color and shelf-life while lowering the doses of SO2 is a real challenge for the winemaker.

Polyphenols management at early winemaking steps is decisive. Wine color also needs to be carefully managed, particularly in rosé wines, depending on the sulfite concentration.
Wine Quality Solutions by Vinventions will present, on Thursday, April 23rd at 9 am PT, the solutions to lower sulfites in wines and focus on:
  • What are the critical stages of low-sulfite winemaking?
  • How to better manage polyphenol during pre-fermentative steps?
  • How to control the impact of a low SO2 strategy on the wine color?
Vinventions, the second largest producer of closure solutions in the wine industry worldwide, is a leader in the oxygen management through closures. More than 12 years of enological research have enabled Vinventions and its brands Nomacorc and Wine Quality Solutions to acquire unique expertise on the impact a closure can have on the evolution of bottled wine, and more generally on oxygen management before, during and after bottling.

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